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Tee Ball Rules:


The Tee Ball (co-ed) division is the introductory developmental division of the Keystone Little League program. Its goal
is to introduce the basics of throwing, catching, and hitting in a fun, positive environment. T-Ball is for league age 4-6
year-olds. Coaches should use positive reinforcement to introduce basic baseball fundamentals and, above all, ensure
that players have fun at the park! No keeping score and there are no standings or recorded wins/losses at this level.

Game Length and Defensive Play:

The game length will be no more than 1 hour 15 minutes or three (3) innings whichever comes first (no new inning after
55 minutes). Each half inning will end when all players on the teams have batted. There are no forfeits in Tee-Ball.
Players may be borrowed from the opposing team as necessary.

Player Roster:

Each attending player shall bat each inning (continuous batting order) and play every inning in the field. The pitching
position must be rotated among a different player every inning (coaches may elect to play two pitchers in T-Ball, a left
position and right position). A player may play one inning maximum at pitcher and one inning maximum at first
base. Only one player shall occupy a given position in the infield during play. Additional players will be positioned in
the outfield. All defensive players shall remain at their position in the field until the last batter reaches home plate.


Managers should try to start all at bats in a “Coach Pitch” format(players can opt to hit off a tee, but all players must be
given the opportunity to hit coach pitch). The Coaches pitching should get down on one knee around 20 - 25 feet from
Homeplate where they shall deliver up to 5 pitches per batter. There are no strikeouts or walks. If after 5 pitches the
batter has not put the ball in play, they shall hit the ball from the Tee. The ball shall be live in all innings after it is hit
into fair territory. Batter/Runner may advance 1 base on a batted ball until the last batter of the inning when the
batter/runners will run all the way around the bases. Defensive Fielders will be striving to make defensive outs, but no
batter/runner will officially be declared out and forced off the bases.

Base Running, Stealing and Sliding:

Leading off base, stealing bases and intentionally bunting are not permitted. Head first sliding is also not permitted.

On-field Coaches:

The offensive team shall station at least two coaches on the field during play, one occupying the first base coach’s box
and one assisting players at the plate (or pitching). A third coach occupying the third base coach’s box is also
recommended. All other offensive coaches must be in the dugout during play. At least one coach (or team parent)
must be in the dugout at all times.

The defensive team may station up to four coaches (coaches and/or approved volunteers) in the field. A defensive
coach should also be stationed in the dugout at all times.

All managers, coaches, and approved volunteers must wear their lanyards for the duration of the game.

Game Preparation:

The home team is responsible for bringing the Tee and lining the field. Both teams shall fill in holes in the batters box,
water the field as necessary, and/or perform any other maintenance needed to ensure safe playing conditions. Please
use courteous common sense as the Away Team and assist the Home Team if they are short on Coaches/Volunteers.

Post-Game Duties:

Teams must ensure that their dugout and bleacher area are cleaned up after the game. Home team should rake around
the bases and other high traffic areas on the field.

If you are holding a player meeting after the game, please clear your dugout and move outside the field of play for your
meeting - if there is another game scheduled after your game.

**** If a rule is not addressed herein, please see the Little League Rulebook for the applicable T-Ball, Minors, or Majors
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