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FAQ - Registration

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) - Registration

Q: How do I register my son or daughter for the upcoming baseball/softball season?
A: You can register in one of two methods; Online Registration (recommended) or during a designated Onsite Registration day (dates will be determined).

Q: Do I need to attend the Onsite Registration if I complete it Online?
A: No, you are not required to attend in person at the Onsite Registration if you completed all the necessary uploads and payment online.  Make sure you receive a confirmation email. 

Q: When is it necessary for me to attend in person to the Onsite Registration?
A: If you had difficulty completing the online registration, you had issues uploading documents, you’re not comfortable uploading documents online, or you cannot pay via credit card.

Q: If I decide to go to an Onsite Registration, is there anything I need to do prior to attending?
A: Yes, complete the online registration as much as you can and when you’re at the point of uploading documents, just create a blank document (save to your hard drive first) and use that file to upload.  Bring your printed birth certificate and supporting residency documents to the registration and we’ll verify it in person.

Q: I’m in the website registering but it will not upload my documents.
A: Your scanned PDF document file size might be too large and you may need to save it at lower resolution for the system to accept it. 

Q: I have a child already in the system but will not be playing.  I’m trying to add another child to the registration but it will not allow me to bypass the child currently in the system.
A: You will need to upload documents (create a blank pdf) for the child currently in the system and complete the necessary fields.  Then click on “+ Add Another Participant” at the bottom of the page.  This is a quirk in the system.

Q: Can my child be paired up with a specific player or coach?
A: There are no guarantees but you can enter name(s) during the registration process for both a teammate and/or coach request.  The only guarantee is if you have siblings in the same division, then we will accommodate pairing them up.

Q: What equipment or uniform is needed for my child?
A: The league will provide your child with a jersey and hat.  You will need to purchase pants, belt, and socks to complete the uniform.  Your manager will decide the color scheme.  For equipment, your child will need a glove/mitt, a helmet, cleats, and a bat.  Also, a protective cup is mandatory for boys in Little League.

Q: Does Keystone Little League have any agreements with local sporting goods stores?
A: Yes, there will be a designated day(s) per season where Keystone will have a Discount Day at Dick’s Sporting Goods where you will receive 20% off all items at the store.


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